Lower Primary Programmes

Our lower primary programmes seek to ignite students’ passion in Mathematics through games, puzzles and other interesting activities such as origami. These activities are incorporated into our lessons to teach conceptual understanding, build on the visual and spatial awareness and train various thinking skills in our students. We prepare our students well for topical concepts taught in schools with our systematic curriculum. In addition, students are also given an early start to bar model drawing and solving of word problems using various heuristics with emphasis on good work habits. Our programmes will help develop confidence and better mastery of mathematical foundational concepts in our lower primary students.

Upper Primary Programmes

Our upper primary programmes prepare students well for examination through our rigorous curriculum that hones critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Our curriculum is constantly reviewed to reflect the most updated examination trends and format. Students will be well exposed to various question types and using our ROAR™ problem solving process, students will be taught to:

Recognise the Big Idea behind each sum
Organise the information given using uniquely designed methods
Act on the organised information to solve the problem sum
Review the answer for reasonableness and accuracy